Our E-ACT Ambassador team is made up of parents and community members who share a great passion for supporting and working with our academy.

Led by a chairperson, each team of E-ACT Ambassadors meets a minimum of once per term and has at least two parent ambassadors. The ambassadors work closely with headteachers and are supported by our regional directors and trustees. The role of the ambassadors is to collaborate and communicate with the local community and to celebrate our pupils’ achievements and the work of our academies.

Ambassadors play a crucial role in helping our leadership teams to deliver our organisational strategy, Opening Minds, Opening Doors. On occasion, ambassadors may also be invited to sit on complaint hearings and hearings for permanent exclusions.

The three strategic priorities that our academy ambassadors are working on this year are:

1.      Community engagement – further develop a strong relationship with the local community including families to make this the local school of choice, businesses who support the school community in several ways and people who wish to volunteer in various capacities.

Linking the community support to provide our pupils with increased awareness of positive life choices and role models.  Demonstrating how local people have achieved in terms of career and financial rewards but also through volunteering.  Inviting members of the local community to share their stories with our pupils.  In COVID times this could be done remotely via video record.

2.      Support the school in their push to develop pupils reading skills and promote the enjoyment of reading.  This links in with the above engagement strategy in bringing in members of the local community to assist with this, library visits, guest talks etc.  In a non-COVID world, this would be in person but in the current climate we need to investigate the technologies available and how this can be achieved remotely.

We want to help the school grow a community of readers with a passion and love of books.  This also ties in with Thinking Big as books help you escape and also learn of what you can achieve.

3. Increasing our AG membership and succession planning; bringing in new faces is a priority alongside having a group of proactive, motivated ambassadors. Promoting the new ambassadors to new intake parents via newsletters, notice boards, social media posts etc.

For more information, please see the E-ACT Ambassador Charter here.

Other important documents on the trust website include:

  • Member and trustee register and declared interests
  • E-ACT’s Scheme of Delegation
  • Annual Report
  • Articles of Association
  • Master Funding Agreement

All of these documents can be found by clicking here.

Our ambassadors are:

  • Ms. Nicky Reynolds – Headteacher
  • Mrs Lisa Jacobson – Parent Ambassador
  • Mrs Louise Braithwaite – Parent Ambassador and Chair
  • Mrs Georgie Bryant – Community Ambassador
  • Cllr Tim Kent – Community Ambassador
  • Cllr Barry Clark – Community Ambassador
  • Miss Shauna Hamilton – Parent Ambassador

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