Our Academy Ambassador Group is made up of people who share a great passion for our academy.

Led by a chairperson, AAGs meet once per term, and will have at least two parent ambassadors elected to the group. They work closely with headteachers, regional and national staff as well as our trustees, and focus on the four Cs of Communication, Celebration, Complaints and Community.

AAG Charter

Please note that the board of trustees is the governing body for E-ACT and all E-ACT academies. The AAG is an advisory body only.

Attendance of trustees at meetings is published on the trust website within E-ACT’s annual report which also contains information on the structure and responsibilities of the board and its committees.

Other important documents that can be found on the trust website include:

  • Trustees’ business and financial interests
  • Articles of Association
  • Master Funding Agreement and Supplemental Agreements
  • E-ACT’s Scheme of Delegation which shows all delegated authorities from the board of trustees
  • E-ACT’s detailed governance overview, showing how we continue to meet all our statutory and regulatory requirements under our regionalised governance model

All of these documents can be found by clicking here.

Our AAG members are:

  • Nicky Reynolds – Headteacher
  • Lisa Jacobson – Parent Ambassador
  • Louise Braithwaite – Parent Ambassador and Chair
  • Georgie Bryant – Community Ambassador
  • Sarah Quinn – Parent Ambassador
  • Cllr Tim Kent – Community Ambassador
  • Cllr Barry Clark – Community Ambassador
  • Shauna Hamilton – Parent Ambassador

Ambassadors can be contacted via the academy office.

Pen Portraits

Louise Braithwaite

I have had children at Perry Court since September 2010 when my eldest son joined the nursery.  The school has a soft spot in my heart as I also attended it many years ago!  I have been involved in various ways as a volunteer over the years and have seen the school go through lots of challenges, many downs and now thankfully on a major up.  I am proud to be the Chair of the Ambassador team and work closely with my fellow ambassadors, representatives of E-Act and school staff members.  We all have the best interests of the school at heart and share the common goal of wanting our children to succeed.  I would like to encourage more parents and carers to become involved with the ambassadors and play a role in helping guide and shape the school experience for our children.

Lisa Jacobson

Hi, I’m Lisa Jacobson. All three of my children have attended Perry Court. My youngest is currently in Year 3. I became involved a while back, volunteering to listen to the children read. When my youngest started nursery I became an SMSA. An opportunity then arose to become a parent governor. I jumped at the chance. Parents found me approachable and I took their concerns to our meetings. With this in mind I resurrected our PTA and we’ve had many successful fund raising events including firework displays and Christmas fairs.

My passion for Perry Court has grown over the years. I was part the group of governor who had the task of choosing an Academy to join, who could move us in the right direction; E-ACT was the best choice. I think the school’s results reflect this amazing achievement.

I am currently working in the main reception, a job which I absolutely love. My son absolutely loves school, his learning has come on leaps and bounds. Long may it continue!

Georgie Bryant

I have two children; my older son is now at university and my younger son is in his last year at Perry Court. I have carried out a number of volunteer roles, from Chairing the Knowle West Surestart; setting up a community Nursey and Breastfeeding councillor.   I only had the confidence to do this when another parent at a group encouraged me to take part in the Surestart programme, before this I felt that I had nothing to offer, no confidence and no self-esteem.  She made me realise that if I wanted my children to have the opportunities in life that I had missed out on, I had to get involved and make it happen.

I believe that our children’s education is the jumping off point for their lives, giving them the skills to grow and develop into confident adults. I want to help ensure that parents have a voice in shaping their children’s learning environments; active parents help to show children that what they do and achieve in school is valued by the wider community. I would like for more parents to feel confident in coming forward to work with the school, everyone has a gift/skill to share and everyone can help to contribute to creating the community we all want to be part of.

Due to getting involved in the community I grow more confident and applied to work for Bristol city council. for the last 16 years  My role has been supporting communities to develop services for them and helping residents to have a voice in areas of multiple deprivation, Tacking, Crime prevention, environmental issues, and developing community groups and fund raising. I would urge all parents to consider becoming active in their children’s education as you never know where it might take you!

We are looking for more parents and Community Ambassadors to join the Ambassadorial Advisory Group. If you are interested in joining our group or if you have any questions, please click here.

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