Perry Court E-ACT Academy Curriculum Statement


  • To provide the children of Perry Court with a broad, balanced and rich experiential curriculum to immerse themselves within that supports and challenges each child to their full potential.
  • Our curriculum inspires learning both inside and outside of the classroom and promotes our belief that all children are lifelong learners.
  • To ensure that our curriculum offer provides our children with a wealth of experiences and opportunities to develop knowledge and skills for their next stage of education and future life choices.
  • To ensure the E-ACT values of ‘thinking big’, ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘team spirit’ underpin all that we do in developing our curriculum.
  • To remove significant barriers to learning to enable all pupils to reach their potential, no matter their starting point.
  • To ensure that children who start midway through the academic year of their educational career are fully supported to make at least good progress from starting points.
  • To promote strong achievement and high standards across all subjects studied.
  • To provide a curriculum that is carefully planned and sequenced, so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before.



  • Significant regional changes within Bristol E-ACT academies have ensured that developments in Talk for Writing, mastery mathematics and bespoke teaching of reading are consistent across the whole school (from YN – Y6) and throughout the region.
  • Significant changes have been made to the curriculum via the deployment of a curriculum lead who works closely with all foundation subject leaders and class teachers to ensure that there is coverage and development of knowledge, skills and vocabulary for each foundation subject. These have ensured that developments in all foundation subjects are consistent across the school and that cross curricular learning is woven in where appropriate.
  • The progress shown in the development of the Perry Court foundation curriculum has led to our very own curriculum lead, Miss Nicola Fahy, being made the foundation curriculum lead across the Bristol region. Miss Chloe Ferris has also been promoted to Bristol regional science lead due to her strong leadership of science. The strength of leadership they have demonstrated in their areas at an academy level has been so progressive that they are now deploying their skills to benefit 5 other academies with the region.
  • The Local Leadership Team (LLT) have ensured that developments are reviewed on a regular basis and that next steps are identified and implemented quickly. For example, changes to the ‘secure it’, ‘twist it’, ‘deepen it’ in mathematics are in line with the ‘fluency’, ‘reasoning’ and ‘problem solving’ elements of the national curriculum; amendments to how vocabulary is taught in English to ensure children have a rich vocabulary; focusing on the coverage and development of knowledge, skills and vocabulary in foundation subjects to demonstrate clear progression between year groups.
  • The refurbishment of the library, along with substantial funding for book stock promotes a love of reading for pleasure throughout the academy. Access to both scheme and real books further promotes a love of reading throughout the academy and provides all children with access to a wide range of high quality books.
  • Ensuring children have regular access to specialist provision, e.g. music, art, design technology, RE and sport, shows the importance placed on the wider curriculum in our curriculum offer.
  • Ensuring children have regular opportunities to take part in learning beyond the classroom, shows the importance placed on the wider curriculum in our curriculum offer e.g. subject specialist visitors such as STEM scientists, drama work-shops, career fayres, sports coaching, choir performances,
  • Maths mastery is embedded through the curriculum, providing pupils with daily challenge and opportunities to reason, by using and applying maths concepts.
  • Curriculum letters and knowledge organisers are used to ensure that children have access to relevant information and lessons can then focus on skills and understanding.
  • The E-ACT passport runs alongside our curriculum model and passport activities are identified through topic planning to be achieved. All children are given the opportunity to achieve all year group E-ACT passport targets during an academic year.
  • Engaging parents/ carers in our Perry Court curriculum through events such as: open days, subject specific parent workshops (phonics, reading, maths, writing, e-safety), Fabulous Friday celebrations of learning, learning within the community (knitting with the elderly, choir singing at the local health centre), EYFS stay and plays, Associate Governor involvement in Raising Achievement Board meetings (RABs), acquiring parent volunteers, etc.
  • To provide high quality CPD  through the use of both internal capacity and external providers for all staff and ensure a focus on improving all teachers’s subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.
  • To use efficient and effective approaches to assessment which enable teachers to monitor and inform about pupils learning and progress, identifying gaps and misconceptions.



  • Current attendance is 95.5% which is significantly increased from September 2017 (when Perry Court became an E-ACT academy) when attendance was at 92.8%. During that time persistent absenteeism has reduced from 23% to 10.5%. Our pupils love coming to school and enjoy learning.
  • Our data shows significant gains in progress and attainment, notably for previously under performing groups.
  • Pupils at Perry Court engage well in all aspects of academy life and are very well behaved. Data shows Fixed Term Exclusions (FTEs) for negative behaviour have dramatically reduced:

September ’16 – March ’17 = 284.5 days
September ’17 – March ’18 = 152.5 days
September ’18 – March ’19 = 30 days

Our aim is to have Fixed Term Exclusion’s down to zero in the next academic year and support further evidence that we have developed a behaviour for learning culture based on our E-ACT values throughout the academy.

  • Through our broad, balanced and rich experiential curriculum we ensure that Fundamental British Values and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) are embedded. This often takes place during our Jigsaw curriculum PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) sessions and assemblies as well as being woven into other subjects through cross curricular learning.
  • Our children have a rich, cultural heritage. We ensure that we celebrate this whilst at the same time address the issues and demands of modern Britain.
  • E-ACT passport targets are being achieved alongside curriculum learning to ensure our children are developing the skills to become well rounded, lifelong learners.
  • Our curriculum will result in pupils who learn and achieve well; who know more; who remember more and are able to do more.
  • Our curriculum will result in meeting or exceeding ambitious targets for all groups of pupils in all key stages.
  • Parent/ carer involvement in the learning of children has increased immensely as parent feedback on social media and information gathered through parent surveys demonstrates. Perry Court had the most parent/ carer responses to the E-ACT parent survey in the 2018-19 academic year of any E-ACT primary school and the second most of any E-ACT school altogether. Overall, feedback was predominantly positive and showing increased progress upon the 2017-18 survey results.

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