At Perry Court E-ACT Academy we follow the Jigsaw scheme of work which aims to deliver a whole school approach to Personal, Social, and Health Education.

The programme contains six units (one per half term) and is a comprehensive learning scheme from Foundation stage through to Year six.

The six units covered throughout each year are:

  • Being me in my world
  • Celebrating difference
  • Dreams and goals
  • Healthy me
  • Relationships
  • Changing me

These units are taught at the same time in each year group with clear progression throughout. The units also actively promote the five core British Values of democracy, tolerance of different faiths and beliefs, individual liberty, mutual respect and rule of law.

The changing me unit in term 6 covers SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) which is also a compulsory part of the primary curriculum. At Perry Court as a parent/carer, before this unit is taught, we invite you in to view the resources. As previously stated SRE is a compulsory part of the Primary National Curriculum, but as a parent/carer you still have the right to remove children from these lessons.

You can find out more about these jigsaw puzzle piece units by following this link to their website.


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