Nature art and singing

Yesterday afternoon we took part in an outdoor activity. This outdoor activity involved us creating pieces of art with resources from nature. Items that we used to make our art creations included sticks, stones, logs, bark, leaves, flowers and berries. We only used materials that had naturally fallen or broken off as we did not want to harm or damage the environment in any way. Some of us found parts of it challenging particularly if you used leaves as the wind kept blowing them away. We really enjoyed this activity, some of the things that we enjoyed were that we were able to work in teams and because we hadn’t planned our art until we had all our resources we didn’t know what we were going to create. This meant we really had to use our imaginations. All of the creations were amazing, they included a deer made of leaves, some nests and a heart decorated with leaves and twigs.

After our nature art, we did some singing and practiced “Boom Chicka Boom.” When singing this, we had to copy what the leader said and had do it in the way they told us. Some of the different ways that we did this included slower, faster, higher and while holding our nose. We also tried sing this while imagining we were under water but this didn’t go well and sounded terrible. We all enjoyed the different ways of saying the song, some of our favourites were posher, faster and louder. One thing we found difficult was making sure that we all said it at the same time. The girls also found tricky to sing it in a low pitch as their voices are naturally higher pitched.


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