Term 6 return to school for pupils in Years N, R, 1 and 6 and children of Key-workers.


Dear parents and carers,


Staff have been very busy this week undertaking training and preparing the school inside and outside for the return of children in nursery, reception, years one and six.  We are very excited about welcoming these year groups back!


Following on from recent communications, here are the full details of how we intend to reopen Perry Court E-ACT Academy in term 6.


There is a great deal of information within this letter so please read it all carefully.  Each year group will either be in 2 days at the start of the week or 2 days at the end of the week unless they are key worker children who can continue to come in every day as they have been to date.  The school will be shut on Wednesday to all child apart from key worker children to allow for a deeper cleaning and staff planning etc.   See the timetable below and please note this may be slightly different to the one sent out in the bulletin before the half-term break.


General Information

We will be utilising every learning space to offer groups of no more than 15 pupils and to ensure that the number of children in each classroom adheres to the recommendation of 2 metres social distancing. Full details of locations and drop off/pick times etc are outlined below. Please note, with smaller teaching groups, your child may not be taught by their usual class teacher.


Safety and social distancing protocols must be followed and we will do our utmost to keep the children safe by following these but cannot guarantee that children will remain 2m distant at all times. This is simply not practical or realistic, especially with younger children.


Year Group Timetable


Year Group

Days to attend

Drop off time

Collection time

Drop off and collection point

Nursery – beginning of the week cohort

Monday and Tuesday

9:00 am

3 pm

Outside reception classrooms in the reception playground

Year 1

Monday and Tuesday

8:50 am

2:45 pm

KS1 playground facing year 3 classrooms


Year 6

Monday and Tuesday

8:40 am

2:30 pm

KS2 playground facing year 6 classrooms

WED – School closed to all except for the children of keyworkers

Nursery – end of the week cohort

Thursday and Friday

9:00 am

3 pm

Outside reception classrooms in the reception playground


Thursday and Friday

8:50 am

2:45 pm

KS1 playground, facing the year 1 and 2 classrooms

Children of key workers – year groups R, 1, 2 and 3


8:30 am

3:10 pm

External doors to the KS1 Hall (behind the nursery).  Parents will need to walk their children past the KS2 building, along the grass path in the lower car park down to the KS1 building, turning left at the bottom as if heading to the nursery – signs will make this clear.

Children of key workers – year groups 4, 5 and 6


8:30 am

3:10 pm

External doors to the KS2 Hall.  Just before the office, turn right as if wanting to go into the lower car park and very soon a black gate on the left will be reached.  Through this gate is the KS2 hall – signs will make this clear.



Arriving at school and on-site safety

Maintaining social distancing is of paramount importance so we ask you to ensure that you arrive at school within the time frame listed in the above timetable, neither early nor late.  When you arrive at the school, please come in via the Great Hayles Road entrance, and walk straight along the path until you reach the portable sanitising unit at the bottom (just before the entrance to the KS2 building is reached).  After you and your child have sanitised their hands you will either turn right if you are a key worker family or you will turn left to drop off a year 6, year 1, reception or nursery child.  There will be signage and arrows to help you as well as staff dotted around the site.  There are 4 videos created by the fabulous Miss Vazquez to aid you with this.  2 are relevant to keyworker families (a short and more detailed version) and the other 2 are relevant to the families of nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 children (again there is a short video and a more detailed one.)  Use the following links to access these:


Video Quick Guides:


Keyworker – https://youtu.be/p5BOo7Teq-4


Returning Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 – https://youtu.be/2WunfI7r_lI


Video Detailed Guides:


Keyworker – https://youtu.be/U7lUkj4eMus


Returning Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 – https://youtu.be/8kEzC86FEi8


Should you have more than one child to drop off or collect please arrive on site at the time allocated for your older child.


Whilst maintaining distance (there are rainbow markings and lines drawn to help with this), please drop off your child quickly and leave the site immediately by following the one-way system and leaving through the Mile Walk gate.


At collection time, please come at your allotted time through Great Hayles Road gate again and stand at a 2m distance from others. Once your child has been released to you, please leave the site straight away. Only one parent should drop off or pick up.  I know it may be a bit of a trek back to your car should you have parked it near the Great Hayles Road entrance, so I do appreciate your cooperation with this.


Year 6 pupils will be allowed to leave at their allotted time.  We will assume that you will be collecting year 6s from the playground unless you tell us otherwise.

If you need to have a chat about anything to a teacher or to the office, please email to book in a phone chat with the appropriate person for your query, as we are limiting the holding of any face to face meetings at this time.


If any member of your household is currently displaying Covid-19 symptoms, your child should not be brought into school.  If this is the case, please notify the school and refer to the appropriate government guidance.



Pupils have been put into groups of no more than 15. Unfortunately, they may not be with their best friends during this time. There will be no movement between groups during the school day. Each teaching group will remain together and be separate from others at break and lunch time. I appreciate this is not ideal, but is essential for social distancing and pupil safety as set out by the DfE guidance. Each group will have a coloured band to allow us to monitor this and to ensure they stay with their group.



All pupils will have access to handwashing facilities and will be asked to wash their hands on entering their classroom. Hands will be washed frequently throughout the school day.



Professional cleaners will be on site throughout the school day to thoroughly wipe surfaces, handles, resources and clean toilets etc. We may also ask pupils to wipe down their own resources.



Pupils are required to wear school uniform on day one and then their P.E. kit on day two.  This is to ensure children wear fresh clothes daily to reduce any possible transmission.  For those in Nursery, Reception or Year 1, please remember that any clothes worn will need to be managed by the children themselves as we will not be able to assist with tricky zips, shoelaces etc.



Pupils will be given their own individual pack of resources (pencils etc) of which they will be the sole users.  They will record their work in their normal school books or on paper. Please do not send your child in with their own pencil case. Other shared equipment/toys etc will be cleaned regularly throughout the school day.


Breakfast club, lunches and snacks

There will be no breakfast club operating during this time so please make sure your child has something to eat before coming to school.

Lunches will be eaten in classrooms or maybe in their zoned areas outside.  Please send your children in with a packed lunch.  The school will provide school packed lunches (which will be delivered directly to classrooms) for any child who is entitled to a universal free school meal (children in reception and year 1) but not in receipt of free school meal vouchers.  Please let the school office know if your child is in this category and you require a school packed lunch.


If bringing a packed lunch from home, please ensure that children can open the food packages themselves.  We will also send them home with their rubbish to limit visits to the bins.


Pupils should bring their own water bottles, fruit and snacks. No other items should be brought from home.


Sun safety

We will be using the outdoors as much as possible.  We would prefer it if a 24 hour sun cream could be applied before school.  If that is not possible please send in a named cream which will be kept on their desk.  These will not be allowed to be shared and children must be able to apply it themselves. Don’t forget a sun hat as well.


Home Learning – Seesaw and Tapestry

This will still be made available each week and children are expected to carry work set on Seesaw/Tapestry when they are not in the physical school.  Teachers may not be able to respond as speedily as they did before owing to teaching commitments in school.


Although school will look very different, as will the routines we are all used to, we are still committed to offering an all-round education, so when your child returns, there will be academic learning, but this will be balanced with lots of activity to get used to being back in school again, lots of talking and well-being activities.   Our vision is to be a place where children feel safe and flourish, and this is what we still intend to do, albeit through some very different circumstances.   At the end of this letter is an article by Beacon school support which is about positive ways to prepare your child for a return to school.  I hope you will find it helpful.


I appreciate there is a great deal here to take in! Please contact us at school if you have any questions that you feel have not been answered here.   Please be assured that we will do our utmost to keep your children and our staff as safe as we can during these challenging times and will endeavour to make learning as fun and engaging as we possibly can.


Kind regards,


Nicky Reynolds





How can you help your child be ready for school again?


In a post-lockdown world, school won’t look anything like normal.

Here’s what our kids can expect:


Social distancing

Different start and finish times

Areas out of bounds

Being taught by a different teacher

These can all be causes of anxiety and worry for kids of any age.


So what can we do to help them return to school successfully?


Here are some ideas to use that will help your children feel ready to go back to school.


  1. Explain that there will be new routines and rules

It’s important our children don’t go into school expecting everything to look like normal – only to get a huge shock when they walk through the door.


Explain things will look different – but tell your child not to worry, because the teachers have been thinking about how to make the school safe and will help you get used to the new layouts and routines.


And it can also be reassuring to talk about the things that haven’t changed.


For instance:


They’ll see the same adults around school

You’ll be taking the same route to school

It will be the same food at lunchtime

And remember to tell them who will drop them off and who will pick them up.  Even if this seems obvious to us as adults, it helps gives kids reassurance and a sense of security.


  1. Talk about worries or fears

In the run-up to returning, make time for little conversations about how they’re feeling about going back to school.


Be careful how you do this – the aim is to see if they do have concerns, not to plant new ones!


If your child does have worries, acknowledge their concerns first before offering reassurance.


For example:


It’s normal to feel worried about the virus, but here’s what you can do to stay safe in school

I bet other children will feel worried about having a new teacher, too.  That’s why Mr. Smith will spend lots of time explaining how everything will work.

And a good way of turning a negative into a positive is using the phrase, “At least…”


As in:


I know we can’t spend time together today, but at least we can have some time straight after school

I know you might be in a different class from your best friend, but at least the teachers are going to make sure everyone makes new friends

And don’t be surprised if children want to talk about the same issue a number of times.  Kids often need to (repeatedly!) revisit an idea with an adult to get reassurance nothing has changed.


  1. Convey calm

It’s natural for all parents to have some level of anxiety about returning their child to school.


But however you feel on the inside, it’s important to convey calm to your child.


Kids pick up on lots of little clues about how their parents are feeling – and they use this information to inform how they should be feeling. If we look worried, they pick up on this and start worrying too!


So, if you do have concerns, it time to be an actor.  However you feel on the inside, aim to convey calm on the outside.


To do this, we need to think about:


What we say (and what they overhear)

Our tone of voice

Our body language



  1. Routines for sleep

In most families, routines around kids’ sleep have become more… flexible!


Bedtimes have drifted until later in the evening… and kids are getting up later in the morning as a result.


To move immediately from these routines to ‘normal running’ and getting into school for 9am could be jarring.


So start moving your child’s bedtime back towards normality now.  Do this gradually, before they get back to school.


Because if we leave it to the last minute, it’s likely our kids won’t have time to adjust, and won’t be able to get to sleep at the earlier time.


And then your child won’t only have to cope with going back to school on the first day back – they’ll be managing exhaustion too.


  1. Be kind to yourself

Everyone has been through an emotional rollercoaster over the last few months – that includes you and your child.


And if you’ve felt overwhelmed or worried about sending your child back to school, that’s okay.  It’s entirely normal.


So be kind to yourself.



Make sure you:


Build in time for activities you find de-stressing 

Get some exercise (even if that’s just walking)

Take some time alone, if you need it

All of these activities will help make sure you’re in an emotionally strong place – so you can support your child with their emotions too.


Key takeaways

Lockdown was a massive change for all of us – including our kids.  And now they’re going back to school, we need to help them prepare for another big change.




Talk through what school will be like – and what will happen during the day – so your child knows what to expect

Make time to talk about any worries they may have

Let them see you looking calm and in control (even if you feel differently on the inside)

Ease them back towards normal bedtimes (so they’re not exhausted on their first day back)

Take care of yourself (so you can take care of your child).



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