The Pupil Premium is a government initiative which targets extra money towards pupils from deprived backgrounds.

Research shows that pupils from deprived backgrounds underachieve compared to their non-deprived peers. The Pupil Premium is provided to enable these pupils to be supported to reach their potential.

At Perry Court E-ACT Academy the priorities for our Pupil Premium spending are targeted interventions focusing on those curriculum objectives that pupils in receipt of the funding need to work on next; providing free-of-charge school visits, residentials and supporting with learning outside the curriculum. We believe that these three areas help to remove the main barriers to educational achievement faced by our pupils who receive the funding.

In the 2018-19 academic year Perry Court received £227,040 of Pupil Premium funding. In 2019-20 the amount of funding is ££231,660. For analysis of how the 2018-2019 pupil premium funding was spent and how the 2019-2020 Pupil Premium has been allocated please view the pupil premium reports below.

Throughout the school year we track our children through pupil progress meetings. Using data collected we are able to understand the needs of all our pupils. During these meetings, there is a discussion about the progress and attainment of each child receiving Pupil Premium. This allows us to work strategically to close gaps for these pupils using the funds available.

The effectiveness of the interventions funded by Pupil Premium is looked at in detail and actions are drawn up to help accelerate progress. This cycle ensures that children receiving Pupil Premium are carefully monitored so that the funding can be effective.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20

Pupil Premium Policy




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