Last week all children from Nursery to Year 5 took part in different activities to celebrate TRIscience. This was three days of amazing science activities with the sole purpose of promoting a love for the subject! On day 1 we all attended a Silly Science Assembly. We saw Professor Nitrate exploring the different elements. She showed us how thrust and aerodynamics work and also showed us the three key elements to make fire! On day 1 we also all participated in our STEM challenge. We created water filters out of plastic bottles and other materials. The winners of this challenge are going to Greenfield E-ACT Academy in July to compete in another science event. On day 2 we had the opportunity to visit the explorer dome. They showed us lots of interesting things about the human body. On day 3 it was World Ocean Day! We learnt about the things we could do to  help save the ocean and the impact of using single use plastic.

Join us for our next open morning!

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