School work at home      


The following guidelines should help you manage your work at home whilst the schools are closed.

What is expected of me?

Please complete all the work your teacher has asked you to do and complete it by the time your teacher has asked.  Your work will be sent to you using See Saw in Year 1  and seen on Teams in Year 2 to 6 and Tapestry in Nursery and Reception.  Your teacher will be checking how you are getting on and you can use the message feature to speak to your teacher if you need any help. You can also send them an e-mail on the Year group e-mail.

If your teacher is worried that you may be falling behind, they will contact you and check that you are ok, that you understand and make sure you have enough help to finish the work. Just like they would do at school.

Just like at school, if your teacher is very concerned that you aren’t logging into Seesaw or Tapestry and completing work, they will contact your parent or carer and have a chat with them.

You must follow your timetable which is published on your academy’s website. Your teachers will provide you with plenty of work.

How can I get help from my teacher?

If you have had a go at your work and you find you can’t do it because you need more help, you should message your teacher on Seesaw, Teams or Tapestry (press reply.)

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You should never just ‘leave’ the work; your teachers are working hard to create lessons you can do at home and they want to help you to finish them.

How should I communicate with my teacher?

Please use the message on Seesaw and Teams or reply on Tapestry to talk to your teacher and they will reply back.  They might not reply straight away as they could be helping someone else.  Your teacher will only reply to your messages between 9am and 3pm.  Like you do at school, make sure your messages are polite like you would speak to your teacher at school.

Please follow the link below to give consent for your child to use the online platforms Perry Court will be using to support online learning.

Online Learning Consent

How do I keep myself safe online?

 For further guidance please use the following link.

For further guidance please use the following link.

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